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Introducing Giant Hippo

My wife has a new web site. In her own words:

Gluten-free? Dairy-free? Egg-free? Some-kinda-other-allergen-free? Presenting my new blog dedicated to cooking and eating authentically and well while allergen-free: . I cook for my son, who has multiple food allergies and an adventurous palate. Most of the recipes are my own. The photos are hardly professional and yes, there are going to be more kids’ melamine dinnerware and even Legos in the pictures with every weekly update, but hey, that’s just how this mama rolls.

What are you waiting for? Visit:

This is important stuff. Share with anyone you may know who has food allergies, has celiac disease, incurable eczema (generally due to a food allergy), or who just happens to need a recipe without those ingredients.

File Under: It Seemed Like a Good Idea

it seemed like a good idea, originally uploaded by dfb.

I bought this wardrobe the day before my mom arrived for a two week visit. The hope was, and still is, to help organize our small apartment by helping to find a home for all the loose items hanging about such as the stroller and vacuum cleaner. It isn’t as unsightly as you see here (it has doors and a couple of shelves, not pictured) but is dwarfs the door.

It did not seem so big when we measured it all out. Unfortunately, it overwhelmed the entrance and clearly was a mistake next to the door.

My mistake forced us to rearrange the whole apartment while my mom was here. Sorry Mom. At least she got to spend time with the baby, albeit couped up indoors.